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Top perspective of the Original Simple Ring

4 mm Original in Premium Sterling Silver

Reg: $69.95

Sale Price: $49.95

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Top perspective of the Original Simple Ring

4 mm Original in Premium Sterling Silver

Reg: $69.95

Sale Price: $49.95

The Signature square shape isn't tight, it fits your finger

The soft square is the most comfortable fit you’ll ever experience. That’s because the signature shape allows your skin to swell, stretch and contract naturally during your hand’s most important work. 

High Quality Sterling Silver Ring That Won't Wear Down

With any Simple Ring you know you’re getting a solid cast of authentic premium Sterling silver. No plating means you get a ring that holds its beauty and value for years to come.

Elegant and Everyday All In One

Simplicity makes a bold statement, whether on the job or in elegant evening gowns. Medical, dental and culinary professionals love it because it works while wearing plastic gloves and holds up to constant hand washes throughout the day. Overall, your Simple Ring gives you freedom wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want to guarantee your satisfaction in owning a Simple Ring. After wearing your Simple Ring for a few days you find that it doesn’t fit as well as it should, contact us for a one-time size exchange free of charge. If after that you still don’t think it’s the most comfortable ring you’ve ever worn, send it back within 30 days of purchase and we’ll give you a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

This year we will be offering our inaugural design called the Original in two shank widths (4 mm and 7 mm). Register with us and you’ll have access to up-coming new designs throughout the year and exclusive pre-order discount opportunities before release to the general public.
The short answer is yes. The Simple Ring sizes are measured in millimeters from its inscribed diameter within the soft square shank, but the fit feels larger than the same diameter of a US ring size (skin has more room for relief). You can download a sizing chart here that explains The Simple Ring sizing method and closest equivalence to US ring sizes.

Our Sterling silver is a proprietary “non-oxidize” blend that extends the life of the ring’s surface brightness for years between cleaning. All Sterling has a tiny percentage of copper as part of the silver alloy. Traditionally the copper would react with certain skin types and cause a temporary green tinge where the ring was worn. However, today with our non-oxidize Sterling, skin discoloration is extremely rare.

The Original is scheduled for release in Summer 2019. However, by registering with us, you will be notified about exclusive pre-order discounts.

We’d love for you to contact us and tell us what you think! Right now as we’re gearing up to our release, the best way is email at:

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