Our Story

How it all started...

I’m Zyad, one of the co-founders here at The Simple Ring Co. As someone who was always quite active and on the go, my fingers would naturally swell, creating a grasp from my wedding band that became too restrictive to wear. Everyday I would put on my ring in the morning before work and by mid-afternoon it was off. I ended up losing rings that way. Then came the idea of getting a slightly larger size to compensate for my hand’s need for fluidity. That created a different problem as the tedium of keeping a slightly larger band from slipping off unintentionally became a conscious focus. I needed a ring that would stay on and feel as comfortable as wearing a friendly pair of shoes. But after years of not finding that, even with comfort fit rings, I stopped wearing my wedding band except for formal occasions.

Then fourteen years into my industrial design career, I began a design job at a national jewelry brand. It then behooved me to appreciate wearing my own merchandise. That’s when I realized that there was an opportunity here to design a ring with superior fit and feel for people like me. I started by studying how skin works. How it moves and swells, its specific dynamic around the fingers and joints.

That’s when I discovered for myself that a circle is completely the wrong shape for rings. Without going into the boring technical details of biometrics, let’s just say skin acts more like a fluid. And like river water around a bend, skin doesn’t flow uniformly when we use our fingers.

So, I designed a ring to allow skin to move and collect easily beneath it while maintaining contact.

The solution was counter intuitive, the best shape for a ring it turns out, is a soft square shape. Naturally, I didn’t invent the square ring, they’ve been around as a style alternative for decades, in other words just art. But tweak that art in just the right way and it isn’t just about looks anymore, it’s beautiful shaping for elegant purpose.